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Viet Nam

General Information about Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a well-known tourist destination for its glorious history, rich culture, and fascinating landscapes. Vietnam is often seen by Western tourists through the lens of the painful war. However, our country has stood from the ruins to become a new ‘economic dragon’ in Asia. Traveling to Vietnam today, you will be stunned by excellent hospitality services, high-quality accommodations and friendly locals with a decent level of English speaking. Influenced by Chinese, French and American cultures, Vietnam consists of unique architecture that is a combination of traditional and colonial styles. You can also experience appetizing cuisines which are served in both luxury restaurants and local street vendors.

  • Phu Quoc historical prison
  • Beaches with clear and cool sea water
  • The same type with water and in water
  • Phu Quoc Safari with many world-class rare animals.
  • Vinpearland amusement park with many exciting and challenging games


Spotlight Destination

Top 10 Must-visit Traditional Villages in Vietnam

Not only is Vietnam the land of awe-inspiring landscapes, it also possesses a long-lasting tradition and culture. Along this S-shaped land, there exist several cultural villages with the history dating back to centuries ago. If you are about to take a tailor-made Vietnam cultural tour, the following destinations would be ideal for you.

Ao Dai Vietnam

Ao Dai is the traditional costume of Vietnamese people which is really well-known around the world. In Vietnam, Ao Dai is not only a kind of clothes, but it also holds the soul of Vietnamese people, especially Vietnamese women. ecause of its importance and huge meaning in Vietnamese culture, it is worthy to learn about Ao Dai Vietnam if you plan to come to this country.

The unique Mother Goddess Worship, or “Dao Mau” of Vietnam

Sitting around a smoky table in a trendy café, we could have been just like any other group of people discussing work, the weather, or even the fortunes of the local sports team, but the topic carried a bit more weight and the stakes were as high as they come.There were three of us – two local people and myself – with one woman translating for me as another young woman opened up about her religious journey...

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